Wellness Pricing


$125 monthly.


  • 1 Free IV Therapy Treatment (Any 1 bag)
  • 1 Free B12 Injection
  • 30% Off all other services or add-on’s
  • B12 Package: Buy 5, Get 1 free! ($150 purchase up front)
  • Requirement: Minimum of 6 months on auto-pay, then month-to-month


Varies Monthly


1L Normal Saline: $69


B12 Shot: $20 by itself, $20 with IV Therapy
Increases energy and endurance. Regulates metabolism, assists in weight loss, increase immunity, improves sleep, mood and mental clarity.


Glutathione IV: $40 Injection
One of the most effective antioxidants! Increases energy and mental clarity, reduces inflammation, assists cell recovery, decreases free radicals, reduces stress and improves skin.
B-Complex: $30
Reduces stress and anxiety, improves skin, preserves memory and helps with fatigue.


Toradol: $30
Non-narcotic and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, aches and pains.


Zorfran: $30
Anti-nausea and vomiting medication.


Magnesium: $20
Migraine and menstrual relief, increases oxygen uptake, energy and electrolyte balance. Supports all organs and helps to regulate blood pressure.


Vitamin C: $20
Helps prevent and treat the common cold.


Zinc: $20
Reduces severity and duration of the common cold. Boosts Immunity


Calcium: $20
Strengthens bone, teeth, and heart, and reduces your risk of developing a number of diseases.