200-hour Curriculum Sept 23, 2019 - Oct 14, 2019

Weekdays (3 - 10 PM), Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday 9 - 9 PM)

Teacher Training

The Odaka Yoga® RYT 200 Teacher Certification Course comes together from a twenty-year international experience by Roberto Milletti and Francesca Cassia in the field of yoga and martial arts training.

A dynamic and flexible approach that prepares the future Odaka teacher to confront with ease and professionalism the art of teaching. During the course, large importance is given to alignment and consciousness of the movement in order to make each and every pose suitable for any requirement. The course puts emphasis on bodily motion, mental and emotional transformation by learning to become adaptable, fluid and in the mindset to face any challenge in our modern world through each wave like Odaka Yoga position.

The teaching methodology is eclectic, innovative, creative and flexible allowing the student to be open with strength in order to be able to create different sequences for different needs of a class.

Course Content

  • Waves rhythms and the importance of tailbone
  • Ocean motion|the art of flow
  • sun salutation, spine rolling flow
  • applied anatomy & biomechanics
  • the power spots in every pose
  • alignment foundations
  • warm up poses
  • standing poses
  • balancing poses
  • hip-opener poses
  • forward bend poses
  • twist & turn poses
  • backbend poses
  • arm balance poses
  • inversion poses
  • restorative poses
  • pranayama | mahat yoga, kapalabhati, ujjayi, nadi shodana, bhastrika
  • bhanada, chakra, and nadi
  • difference between attention & intention
  • difference between dynamic.passive and active meditation
  • the concept of pose and counterpose
  • art of sequencing
  • general Odaka Yoga class and template
  • attitude | the inner power, how to use ki during practice
  • patanjali yoga sutra applied to daily
  • Indian philosophy; traditional texts and history of yoga
  • teaching focus | the art and skill of teaching
  • ethical code for a teacher
  • sanskrit name of asanas
  • sequencing and teaching labs
  • internship
  • hours of practice in the accredited yoga studios
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$500 deposit by Sept 10, 2019

50-hour Curriculum Sept 23, 2019 - Oct 14, 2019

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